Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sound Affects

Bringing my 1980 back to the Brits, with Sound Affects by The Jam.

This is my favorite Jam album even though I didn't hear the whole thing until the CD era. I discovered the band via "Town Called Malice" and bought The Gift and the live album Dig The New Breed, but never backtracked to earlier albums.

I later picked up the Snap! compilation, which had a stripped-down demo version of "That's Entertainment", which was the one song I kept playing over and over. The original Jam albums were hard to find in the U.S. until they were reissued on CD, when I was dismayed to find out that the Sound Affects version sounded different than the Snap! one.

The Jam are a difficult band to collect, because they had a number of singles that weren't on albums, singles with different b-sides in different countries, and compilations with different versions of the same songs, but Sound Affects is the one Jam album I can play all the way through.

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Janet ID said...

Love this album. Love the Jam. But indeed, cannot afford to be a completist.