Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scary Monsters

It's David Bowie, from the 1980 video "Fashion"

This starts a series of 1980 albums by artists that I probably don't like as much as I should, but Scary Monsters truly is the last great Bowie album. Every album for the past thirty years has been his "best album since Scary Monsters", so it's like the line between "good Bowie" and "bad Bowie".


Anonymous said...

*sigh*... Never mind that any number of artists would KILL to put out an album as good as Let's Dance - none of them could even come close to Outside, Earthling, or Heathen (and Reality's just a step below those). Yes, Bowie's '80s was a bit iffy and full of missteps...but every release from Black Tie White Noise (esp. the much-overlooked Buddha of Suburbia) has been nearly to his peak quality standards... (I'm sure Bradley will be along shortly to namecheck the albums I didn't ;-)

Steve said...

Everything in this post is just a recitation of conventional wisdom, so the entire paragraph should be in "finger quotes".

And yes, there was a Bowie comeback in the 2000s.