Saturday, October 9, 2010

Double Fantasy

I'm doing these 1980 albums in roughly alphabetical order, but jumping the queue today for John Lennon's 70th birthday.

Yoko always encourages fans to celebrate John's life instead of his assassin's by recognizing his birthday instead of his deathday, so today's 1980 album is JL's Double Fantasy.

I got this album for Christmas in 1980, when it was #1 in every country and the songs were all over the radio, and ... I didn't like it. I thought the sound was too slick, John's songs were too sappy, and Yoko's contributions dragged the whole thing down. At that point of my life (age 15), I loved the Beatles and Wings, but the only Lennon album I'd heard was his mid-70s best-of Shaved Fish.

I was expecting a more rock and roll album, but Double Fantasy was adult contemporary for the boomer generation. The album was reissued recently in a "stripped down" version, which sounds (based on youtube clips) like an improvement over the original issue, but I still don't like most of the songs. I've always liked this one though.

Great tune.. Happy Birthday John!

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