Friday, September 24, 2010


Next from 1970 is Todd Rundgren's Runt.

Just like Emitt Rhodes, Todd Rundgren was a wunderkind and an auteur who left his band (Nazz) and went out on his own in 1970, forming the "band" Runt with Tony and Hunt Sales (Soupy's kids who later played with Iggy Pop and David Bowie) on bass & drums.

Runt is considered Todd's solo debut, because even though it's credited to "Runt", it's essentially Rundgren with the Sales brothers backing him up. Todd was pretty comfortable in the studio by 1970, and had started producing and engineering other artists, but he was still all over the place stylistically.

Every song on Runt sounds like it's by a different artist, but Todd's genius shines through on the best ones like its big AM radio hit "We Gotta Get You A Woman".

This song always gets tagged as sexist for ".. things about with that special one / They may be stupid but they sure are fun", but I think the plural pronoun in the second line suggests that the "things" that may be stupid. YMMV.

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