Friday, August 13, 2010

London Girls

(Stephen) Duffy's "London Girls". Another lost song from 1995

Stephen Duffy released the album Duffy under the name "Duffy", which causes confusion nowadays between Stephen and the other (more famous) Duffy (who hasn't released her self-titled album yet!).

Anyway, I think Duffy is the best thing Duffy ever did, with or without the Lilac Time. The album was produced by Mitch Easter at his Drive In Studio in NC with instrumental backing by the Velvet Crush during the same sessions that produced Teenage Symphonies To God and released on BMG/Indolent during the height of Britpop (same week as Oasis v. Blur).

"London Girls" is a celebration of London and Britpop that was recorded in the U.S.A. with a bunch of Americans. One year later, Alex James did a one-off single with Stephen Duffy (as Me Me Me) called "Hanging Around". One year after that, Pavement made an album with Mitch Easter and Blur made a record that sounded like Pavement, so both Blur and Pavement were copying Stephen Duffy. Woo hoo!

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