Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Run Now

About six months after the release of Songs From The Film, Geffen released an ep called Run Now with a title track featured in the movie "Out Of Bounds" (following up Songs From The Film with a song from a film), a few leftovers from the Dixon/Burnett sessions (including a reissue of "Back Again"), and a live version of Lou Reed's "Kill Your Sons" that I like more than the studio version.

Tommy Keene also made a cameo in "Out of Bounds" (an Anthony Michael Hall movie that I've never seen -- lucky me!) playing "Run Now" for about 20-30 seconds. That appearance isn't on youtube, but here's the song playing over a cover of the soundtrack album.

The rest of the soundtrack features songs by Night Ranger, Sammy Hagar, and the Smiths. Ah.. the 80's movie soundtrack!

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