Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grupo B

Continuing my Cup breakdown with a look at Group B:

Korea Republic

Argentina should win this group, because they've got the greatest player in the World.

They're my pick to win the whole thing because of the Great Messi. The other three teams aren't terribly strong, but they aren't weak either, so there should be a good competition to determine which other country makes the knockout stage. Nate Silver picks Nigeria to advance, and I'm inclined to agree with him, because of the home continent advantage. But if the Nigerians stumble, either South Korea or Greece wouldn't be out of the questions. Whoever it is will probably lose to the French (winner of Group A) in the first round of eliminations.

Here's the current Argentine coach (another one of the best players I've ever seen) showin' off to Opus's "Life Is Life".

If Maradonna was half as good as a manager as he was as a player, Argentina would never lose a match!


PCarino said...

Who is the best-looking team? By that I mean, "composed of good-looking men."

Steve said...

The "team to watch" in that regard is probably either Italy or Spain.

PCarino said...

It is often Italy, in these matters. Go Italia!!

B said...

Italy are adorable. Partly because one of my biggest crushes, Gianluigi Buffon, is the goalkeeper. And he's the greatest keeper in the world.
Holland and Ghana are pretty cute, too.
Maradona's been a disaster as a manager so far and Messi's never done much for the national team, but they will not be boring for sure!