Friday, April 16, 2010

Girlfriend, what are you doing?

According to the Internet, this is the first line of "Feel", the first song on Big Star's first album, #1 Record. Here's an early rough mix from the box set.

I wrote about #1 Record a few years back. Big Star formed in the early 70s when Alex joined forces with the band Ice Water (fronted by Chris Bell). Even though the songs were credited to "Bell/Chilton", most of them were written by either Chilton (most of side one) or Bell (side two).

Since Chilton was the bigger name, he got most of the credit in the reviews, which evidently caused friction between the pair and caused Chris Bell to leave the band right after the album came out. This combined with some distribution problems between Ardent and Stax to render #1 Record DOA. With better karma, "Feel" or "In The Street" could've been as big as "Go All The Way" or "Hello It's Me". Contrary to public revisionism, Big Star really wasn't that far out of the mainstream, they were just unlucky.

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