Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Year Of The Month

I've been negligent in my blog updating for the past two months, due to the standard vacation and holiday distractions, but I'm going to try to get back to the grind. I can't do daily posting anymore, but I'm going to aim for 20 entries per month, which equates to two days out of every three. Which ain't bad (as Meat Loaf said).

With that in mind, I'm embarking on a new monthly blog theme. Last year, I did artists of the month, but this year I'm changing it to years of the month. Which means doing my own "Music: What Happened?" or "10 @ 10" for a certain year of my life, with twenty songs from each year over the course of a month.

And my first year is 1965, the first year of my life and the 19th year of Marianne Faithfull's life, when she still looked sweet and innocent. Marianne's (superior cover) version of "As Tears Go By" came out before the Stones' (inferior original) version, which didn't really fit their sound. Song #1 from 1965.

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