Saturday, December 12, 2009

Four Crazy Minutes

I have now officially seen everything! Neil Diamond covers Adam Sandler's "Chanukah Song", complete with groovy Flash animation.

After I saw this review on EW yesterday, I just had to find the song on youtube. Neil Diamond has now gone full circle, like William Shatner, where he's become a self-parody, and is playing the parody for yuks, and expanding his appeal to a new generation.

And I know Adam Sandler has done a lot of bad things in his career, but these were four crazy minutes where he Got It Right. This song should be at least twelve years past its sell-by date, since it mentions O.J. and other folks (like Paul Newman and Ann Landers) who've moved to the yarmulke in the sky, but it still rings true after all these years. Happy Chanukah Everyone! LTFC!

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The Modesto Kid said...

Speaking of Chanukah songs, did you see this take-off on Dylan's "Must be Santa"?