Monday, March 23, 2009

A Star For Bram

Right after the turn of the millennium, Robyn Hitchcock released an album of outtakes from Jewels For Sophia called A Star For Bram on his own Editions/PAF label.

The album is a companion to Jewels right down to the cover art, but holds its own against its older brother, song-for-song. The first four songs in particular are as good as anything on Jewels For Sophia. I still can't believe how "I Saw Nick Drake" didn't make the cut for that album!

This song was released on the cusp of the VW-inspired Nick Drake revival, and sounds like a lost song from the man himself. It's been one of my favorite Robyn Hitchcock songs since the first time I saw him perform it live.

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Tulloch said...

This was the record that got me back into Robyn after a few years away, specifically the song 1974. It reminded me of all the things I love about Mr Hitchcock - humour, tunes, ace guitar and hitting the nail on the head (albeit obliquley!). Really enjoying this series of posts - well done!