Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flamin' through February

I've been suffering from a bout of blogger's block recently, so I'm trying to find different things to write about. The NaBloPoMo theme for February is WANT, which means that I should write about what I want to write about.

So I've decided to spend the rest of this year choosing one artist to write about each month. For the month of February I've chosen one of my favorite bands of the rock era, the Flamin' Groovies. This is a short month, and it's halfway over already, so I wanted to choose a band with a manageable catalog.

During their 1968-1979 heyday, the Groovies released just seven studio albums, a few EPs and a bunch of live albums and compilations, but it comes out to fewer than 100 distinct songs. As a first step, here's a downloadable 15 song Groovies overview that requires just 60 minutes to hear and 80 megabytes to store.

Fifteen Flamin' Groovies
1. Golden Clouds (from Sneakers, 1968)
2. Love Have Mercy (from Supersnazz, 1969)
3. Around The Corner (from Supersnazz, 1969)
4. Headin' For The Texas Border (from Flamingo, 1970)
5. She's Falling Apart (from Flamingo, 1970)
6. High Flyin' Baby (from Teenage Head, 1971)
7. Teenage Head (from Teenage Head, 1971)
8. Slow Death (single, 1972)
9. When I Heard Your Name (unreleased, 1973)
10. You Tore Me Down (single, 1974)
11. Shake Some Action (from Shake Some Action, 1976)
12. I Can't Hide (from Shake Some Action, 1976)
13. Between The Lines (from Now!, 1978)
14. Jumpin' In The Night (from Jumpin' In The Night, 1979)
15. First Plane Home (from Jumpin' In The Night, 1979)

Download here

Over the rest of this month, I'll review all these albums and songs to see how they hold up 30-40 years after release. Flamin' Groovies albums (much like Rubinoos albuns) haven't really fallen out of style, because they've never really been in style.

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