Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Curse of the Giambino

After Jason Giambi bolted from the A's to the Yankees in 2002, I put a hex on the team so they'd never win a World Series with him on the team. And they haven't, but I guess the Yankees can go back to winning championships now that Jason is back in Oakland.

As far as the A's go, I'm not sure what to think. On one side, they're getting a guy who hit 30 HRs last year for a bargain basement salary, and Oakland's hitting was so woeful last year that even Jeremy Giambi would help them, and the acquisitions of Jason Giambi and Matt Holliday will definitely help the offense.

On the other hand, this transfers the curse of the Giambino to Oakland, and Jason left no bridge unburned on his way out of town seven years ago when he dissed Oakland on the Letterman show just one day after he signed with the Yankees -- "Have you ever been to Oakland?".

Yes I have. And it's not a bad place. Welcome back Jason, to the poor side of town. Doot-doo-doo-wah-shooby-dooby.

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