Saturday, November 15, 2008

Simple as a flower

This song was completely ubiquitous in 1987-88, but I'd completely forgotten about it until Scott Miller mentioned it in his last installment of "Music: What Happened? - 1987"

I dug up my old tape of Earth, Sun, Moon today, and even though there are still a few good songs on there, but intervening decades have not been kind to this album!

If there's a year that Scott Miller should've "gone rogue" and pick one of his own songs for MWH, 1987 is that year. None of the songs he selected are as good as "We Love You, Carol and Alison" or "The Waist an the Knees", or "Last Day That We're Young", or almost anything on Lolita Nation!

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B said...

I won't make the case for any L&R album aging well (except for the wildly underrated 1989 self-titled one and most of Express), but I have a sentimental loyalty. They were a great "gateway" band that helped expose my young mind to the glories of English psychedelic pop! My sentimental loyalty to parts of the Peter Murphy solo catalog are much harder to defend...