Monday, October 20, 2008

Rockin' in the Free World

Scott Miller takes on the final year of the fabulous 80s in this week's "Music: What Happened?", and ends up calling this song "one of the hundred best songs from the rock era." I agree.

I've never seen this video before, but it's a "radio edit" of the song that replaces "shag it" with "wag it"(?) Scott's mention of "the earth quaking" reminds me that we just passed the 19th anniversary of Loma Prieta. For Bay Area old-timers, that earthquake is our "We Will Never Forget".

Nearly all of Scott's 1989 selections are top notch, and I was trying to upload an audio playlist to, but they're rejecting my uploads. If I were able to upload, here are the ten songs I'd choose from his list as my 1989 ten at ten (to honor the departing Dave Morey). Maybe tomorrow.

"I Wanna Be Adored" - The Stone Roses
"Good Thing" - Fine Young Cannibals
"This Woman's Work" - Kate Bush
"Last Of the Famous International Playboys" - Morrissey
"Veronica" - Elvis Costello
"Rockin' In the Free World" - Neil Young
"Roam" - The B-52's
"The Mayor of Simpleton" - XTC
"Debaser" - Pixies
"Free World" - Kirsty MacColl

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