Thursday, October 16, 2008

Return of the angry left

I didn't watch last night's Presidential debate, because I've already voted, so this election has already happened as far as I'm concerned! I watched the Phillies - Dodgers LCS game instead, but switched to the debate between innings, and noticed that Barack Obama and John McCain were both writing notes with their left hand.

No matter who wins this election, it will finally mark the end of the failed right-handed policies of George W. Bush! Bush's dad is left-handed, so is Bill Clinton, and so was Ronald Reagan, so the U.S. went through a twenty year run of left-handed Presidents before the current right-handed one.

The next President will definitely be a lefty, and may also be the first African American President, so here's a famous left-handed African American singing a shout out to Joe the Plumber, Joe Sixpack, and all the other Joes from the last couple of Presidential debates.

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