Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Owner of two Lonelyhearts

One of my recent emusic downloads that I've been enjoying is Disaster Footage At Night by the Lonelyhearts. This week I saw that they put out an EP earlier this year, so I decided to check that out as well.

When I sampled a few tracks from that EP, Born In The Dark, they sounded quite a bit different than the album, less indie-rock and more straight country. After checking it out online, I discovered that there was a very good reason for this. The EP is by a different band. Disaster Footage is by the Lonelyhearts, and Born In The Dark is by the Lonely Hearts. Two different bands with a common emusic entry.

IMDB also shows two different movies called Lonely Hearts and another film called Lonelyhearts. I haven't seen any of them, but these Lonelyhearts (the ones who just released Disaster Footage At Night) are really good.

Kudos to my fellow daily blogger Flasshe for completing one straight year of daily blogging. I've only missed three days in the last year (363 days out of 366), but some days I just post a youtube video or a four word entry like I did yesterday. He's been posting quality new content, with Pet Peeves and Scary Search Terms, every day since October 30th of last year. Hats off -- let's see if you can manage not blogging tomorrow!

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Flasshe said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am determined to not blog for a week, though it's hard. I've even got some topics I can blog about running around in my head.

That Lonelyhearts album looks interesting - I've added it to my list. I notice eMusic has the older album Dispatch (from the "correct" band). Have you listened to that one?