Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why College Football is better than NFL football


1) Bands. College football has marching bands and mascots and cheerleaders. An announcer will never yell "the band is on the field!" at an NFL game, because the NFL don't have marching bands.

2) More Games. On any given Saturday, there are more than a dozen college games on TV, which gives a fairly high probability to find a good one. There are only four NFL games on any given Sunday, and half of them in the SF Bay Area(the Raider game and the 49er game) are pretty much guaranteed to suck every week.

3) Better Rivalries. Stanford's phone number for ticket sales is 1-800-BEATCAL. Their entire year is based on beating Cal and winning the ax. Last year they finished 4-8, but beat Cal and USC. That was a successful season for them. If they'd finished 10-2 and won the Rose Bowl but lost to Cal and USC, it would've been an unsuccessful season. There's nothing like that in the NFL.

4) Better Overtimes. In college overtimes, both teams get the ball. In the NFL, a team can lose in overtime by just losing the coin toss.

5) No Moving. No matter how long those hippies sat in the trees to delay the construction of the training facility, the Cal Bears could never leave Berkeley, because the University of California will always be in Berkeley.

6) No Trades. Cal fans never have to worry about Jahvid Best being traded to USC for two cornerbacks and a recruit to be named later.

7) No Contracts. Cal fans also don't have to worry about Kevin Riley holding out of training camp because he wants his contract renegotiated.

8) Shorter Season. College Football starts on Labor Day weekend and runs through mid-November. That's football season. Followed by the Bowl Season, that runs from December to January. The NFL season runs through February. February is not football season.

9) No Playoffs. Some critics say college football doesn't have a playoff, but it does. Because the entire season is a playoff. Lose and you're eliminated.  It would be nice to have a single elimination playoff instead of a cluster of bowls, but it makes the regular season more significant. 

10) No Preseason. College football doesn't have Preseason games.

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