Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lost in Transition

Continuing last week's discussion about the differences between college and pro sports, one major one is that struggling professional teams have "rebuilding", while struggling college teams have "transition years".

The Washington State Cougars are in a transition year, and just had their palouses handed to them by the Cal Bears 66-3. Cal looked really dominant, but it's hard to tell because WSU is in such shambles.  

Next week the Cal Bears play Maryland, who lost to Middle Tennessee St. today, so that should be another cakewalk for Cal. After the elusive "Bye", comes another patsy (Colorado State) followed by their first test against Arizona State on October 4th.

For those readers who've registered complaints that they don't want me blogging about college football, but at least I'm not talking about She Who Shall Remain Nameless (the Republican VP nominee from Alaska). People may ridicule the right wing talking point that living a few hundred miles from an uninhabited section of Russia gives her "foreign policy experience", but did you know that she also studied in Moscow

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