Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I see a red state and I want to paint it blue

Even though lots of news sources are calling this Presidential election "too close to call" since the national polls are within a few percentage points, the reality is that John McCain is electorally Up Against It. There are five or six battleground states that he needs to win (OH, FL, VA, CO, NM, NV) in order to win, and Obama only needs to win one or two (if "one" isn't OH or FL or VA) to prevail.

One of those unlikely swing states is Nevada, which has always been safely Republican before this election. My state, California, is safely Democratic, so a lot of California Democrats have been heading East to help the effort in Nevada. My parents live just across the border from Reno, so I volunteered to help the effort, and am traveling to Nevada for the third weekend in October, just before the election to do .. something or other. I'm not very good at "canvassing", since I don't like talking to people, but I can sit at a table outside the Home Depot and register new voters.

Nevada is a big state, but most of the population is in two counties, Cook (Las Vegas) and Washoe (Reno/Sparks). Las Vegas (home to Senate majority leader Harry Reid) leans Dem and Washoe is Nevada's battleground county, with both candidates neck and neck and about 10% undecided. Whoever wins Washoe county will probably win Nevada.

Nevada just has five electoral votes, which probably won't influence the election one way or another, but you never know. If our Virginian and Ohioan and Coloradoan comrades don't succeed, Nevada is our last line of defense against Republican tyranny!

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