Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another time, another day

Based on the comments from my last post, I have two Pink Floyd themed subjects in a row, so I've decided to make it three. This is from the refrain of another Rick Wright song ("See-Saw" off Saucerful Of Secrets), one of those fake Syd songs like "Paintbox" and "Remember A Day" that Rick wrote in the post-Barrett Pink Floyd.

The first thing I thought about when I heard about the AIG crisis is that Man United might need to find a new jersey sponsor. This is what the letters "AIG" mean to me.

Man United won't be the first EPL team to lose a sponsor this year. West Ham United played last weekend with empty jerseys after their sponsor (XL) went under and Newcastle's longtime sponsor (Northern Rock) is now under government control.

When everyone talks about the global impact of this financial/mortgage crisis, no one is thinking of the EPL fans around the world who need to keep buying new replica jerseys every time their club gets a new sponsor!

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2fs said...

They might be "fake Syd" in some respects...but they cut a bit deeper in different ways than Syd typically did then, and all three are lovely songs. I wish Wright had written more for the band - these are three of my favorite early Floyd songs.