Thursday, August 14, 2008

Saved by zero

After starting his career with 39 straight scoreless innings, Brad Ziegler finally gave up a run today, which explodes his lifetime ERA to 0.22!
Maybe he is just an "average prospect" after all!

During his the two month scoreless streak, Ziggy broke the career record for consecutive scoreless innings to start a career (27), broke the A's club record for consecutive scoreless innings (36) set by Mike Torres (who I guess had a career before he gave up that famous home run to Bucky Dent)  and took over the closer's role from Huston Street.

When Ziggy became the closer, it basically meant that his scoreless innings streak was going to start moving one inning at a time, and he wasn't going to get many chances since the rest of the A's team is one big bucket 'o suck!

Ziggy managed to extend his streak three more innings and save both of the A's victories in August before giving up a run in the 9th inning today against Tampa Bay. The game was tied at the time, so it wasn't the best time to give up a run, but the A's came back to tie again before losing in extra innings (not that it matters). Anyway, hats off to Brad Ziegler for being the one bright spot in what's becoming a dismal season for the Oakland Athletics.

Accoring to the official website, there are 34 different sports in the 2008 Summer Olympics, but apparently NBC seems to only show three of them: swimming, gymnastics, and beach volleyball. Thank heaven for internet streaming!

Speaking of which, it looks like at least one of China's gold-medal winning gymnastics team (He Kexin) might have been underage, since reports from last year showed her age as 13, and the IOC requires gymnasts to be at least 16. I really don't have that much interest in this article, but a story female gymnast named "He" makes for a confusing read! "Reports say that she (He) may have been only 13 last November". Wha? Does this mean that she (He) might also be transgendered as well as underage?

If these Olympics really were a flashback to 1936, Abbot & Costello would be having a field day! "Who's President of China?" "Hu!" "The President of China is who?" "Hu is President of China!" "Who is President of China?" "Exactly!"

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125records said...

Harry Shearer has been making those "Hu" jokes for months now on his weekly radio program, Le Show.