Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fountain suicide

This entry by 2fs about his "exbeeriment" made me think of my lunch at Burger King this week. I hadn't been to a BK in years, but noticed that they had a sign above the fountain with various "soda recipes".   

A "Half & Half" is 1/2 Diet Coke and 1/2 regular Coke.  

A "Black Gold" is 3/4ths Dr. Pepper and 1/4th Coke.  

A "Black & White" is Coke & Sprite. We used to call that a "Sproke" in college, and if you make it a little stronger (2/3rds Coke and 1/3rd Sprite) , it tastes like fake ginger ale.  

Another good non-carbonated mix is a "Lemontea" (lemonade and iced tea), which also works with Sobe or Fruitopia or other punches.   These drinks also mix (individually) with Sprite.

BK also had the "Four Way", which most people call the "Suicide".   That's a splash of everything from the fountain -- Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Orange, Mountain Dew, etc..  -- and usually tastes pretty nasty.   Proof that some great tastes don't taste great together.    

Is there any drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) that mixes well with root beer?


2fs said...

Well, ice cream mixes well with root if you let the ice cream melt a bit first so it's liquidy, then I guess it should count as a "drink."

Janet ID said...

Is there any drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) that mixes well with root beer?

Old Crow.

125records said...

Isn't a "lemontea" better known as an Arnold Palmer? I mean, since you usually have the sports angle on things...

Steve said...

Bourbon and Root beer.. I should have remembered "sassy sasparilla" from the Surly Girl saloon!

I've never heard of the "Arnold Palmer", but it's listed on wikipedia so it must be fairly common. If you mix vodka into your Arnold Palmer, you have a "Tom Arnold".