Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Come around to my way of thinking

I was recently pointed toward this treasure trove of b-sides, outtakes, interviews, and live sets by New Zealand's own Mutton Birds, all done with the band's blessing.

The material ranges from 1997/98 (supporting Envy of Angels, my favorite Mutton Birds album and one of the lost gems of the 90s) to a live set by Alan Gregg's post-MBs band Marshmallow and Don McGlashan's high-profile U.S. tour supporting (and playing with) Crowded House.

Their actual albums are getting harder and harder to find, but this gives a good picture of how the Mutton Birds sounded back in the day. Here's a video clip of one of my favorite songs of theirs, "Come Around" (by the MBs "second songwriter" Alan Gregg).

For those wondering about the chorus, this came a few years after "Sister Havana" by Urge Overkill (a song with the same phrase), but I think it's a much better song.

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