Sunday, July 20, 2008


Padraig Harrington successfully defended his Open Championship today with a four shot victory over Ian Poulter and Greg Norman. I picked Harrington in my ongoing major competition with my brother, so I was glad he was able to defend his title. My position after one round didn't look that strong, but my guys (especially Padraig) ended up outperforming his guys. Sibling pride is mine!

I wasn't a big Greg Norman fan during his prime, but just being able to stay in contention in a major at age 53 is an amazing achievement, so I found myself pulling for Greg this weekend. His recent marriage to another sports legend must have fueled his competitive spirit, and he ended up in a tie for third. Norman's golf career is a big series of close but no cigars, so today made a fitting encapsulation of Greg's career if it turns out to be his last hurrah.

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