Sunday, July 27, 2008

Four minutes seemed like a long time then

Here's Jon Auer, with his solo rendition of "Golden Blunders".

Whenever I hear this song, especially performed acoustically, it reminds me of hearing it performed at a wedding in Ohio eleven years ago this weekend. Some folks might argue that this song isn't terribly wedding-appropriate, but I've heard it performed at two different weddings, so it's at least as wedding-appropriate as "I Knew The Bride" or "White Wedding".

Anyway, my main memory of this song goes back to the day before the wedding when I was trying to sleep off a red-eye flight in a warm, humid, and non-air-conditioned attic while the wedding entertainers were rehearsing downstairs.

They were having difficulty working up an acoustic version of "Golden Blunders" from the online tab (which turned to be transcribed by our mutual friend), and wanted to play the Posies' original recording as a guideline.

The only trouble was that the soon-to-be bride and groom had rearranged their CDs by spine color, and couldn't remember what color the Dear 23 spine was. Turns out it's kind of a saddle brown (#8B4513 hex), which is also hard to find in the color spectrum. So they had to wing the song from memory, and the faulty tab.


2fs said...

I'd forgotten about the color-coded CD shelving... And "Golden Blunders" has a LOT of chords!

Janet ID said...

Man, you hang out with kooks.

B said...

A magical time!

You really haven't lived until you've seen a room full of music nerds trying to remember what CD spine colors go with which CDs.

I'd like to point that i've actually learned how to sing a bit since those long ago, fondly remembered days...