Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Johnny Too Bad

It looks like John McCain is having trouble finding a campaign song..

From The Independent
After searching for months, [McCain] finally picked "Johnny B Goode" – Chuck Berry's rock 'n' roll classic from 1958. The high-power guitar licks and "Go, Johnny, go" chorus put a spring in Mr McCain's step. When asked why he chose it, he quipped: "It might be because it is the only one [the artist] hasn't complained about us using."

Berry, 81, may not have complained about his song being appropriated by Mr McCain, but he has made it clear he would prefer Barack Obama in the White House. "America has finally come to this point where you can pick a man of colour and that not be a drawback," Berry said. "It's no question, myself being a man of colour. I mean, you have to feel good about it."

The anointment of Mr Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate was, he added, "definitely a proud and successful moment for all the people of this country – not just black people, but Americans in general".
After being rebuffed by Chuck Berry, the McCain campaign chose ABBA's "Take A Chance on Me", but Benny and Bjorn also said "nay" or "nyet" or whatever the Swedish equivalent of "hell 2 da naw" is.

Why are candidates using foreign songs? Obama uses U2's "Beautiful Day" and Hillary was using Celine Dion's "You And I". Aren't there any decent songs by U.S. Americans? Are there any Republican rock songs that John McCain could use? At this point, even the Nuge won't have anything to do with him!

Here's another foreign band from England with their 1972 version of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" followup "Bye Bye Johnny" (a song that may be appropriate in about five months).

Disclaimer: I supported McCain back in 2000, but he was different back then.. pro-choice, anti-torture, pro-habeus corpus, anti-warrantless wiretapping, and also eight years younger (but we're not supposed to talk about that!)


125records said...

Isn't Bruce Willis a Republican? Maybe McCain could bust out something from THE RETURN OF BRUNO.

Steve said...

Everything on The Return Of Bruno is a cover, so they might get some resistance from original songwriters.

Apparently Burt Bacharach supports (or supported) McCain. There's a ton of possibilities there!

Joe said...

I'm surprised 125 Recrods didn't mention it - the Sedish word for no is Nej, pronounced "Nay". SUrprising McCain would actually use "Take A Chance On Me" as his song, since its message is" When you're tired of all the other women you're interested in, I'll still be waiting for you." Very clingy.