Thursday, June 26, 2008


My brother is a Fresno State alum, so I thought I should congratulate his Bulldogs for their first ever national title in a men's sport. They beat Georgia two games out of three in a battle of Bulldogs to win the 2008 College World Series.

Fresno California is the new capital of college baseball!

FSU barely made the CWS field by winning their conference tournament, and they were seeded fourth in their regional (which is like being a 13-16 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament). They were the 51st best college baseball team in the country according to the RPI index, but they still ended the season as the best team.

That's just one reason why college football should have a post-season tournament to determine its champion like every other college sport does, including lower division football. In that format, any team that gets hot at the right time can be the champion.  Which makes things interesting!

In another tournament in a different sport, Euro 2008 is now down to its final two teams. My pre-tournament pick of "Germany and someone else" was correct, because the final two teams are Germany and Spain. They'll be playing for the championship on Sunday, and Germany will be favored, but I with be pulling for Spain. After Fresno State's win, this seems to be a week for the underdogs!

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