Monday, June 23, 2008

Eurofour 2008

Here's the final four for Euro 2008.


My prediction at the start of the tournament ("The final four will be something like Germany, Italy, France, and Spain (or Portugal)") ended up half right, if I get half credit for Spain. I was mostly just "picking chalk" based on FIFA rankings, but the Turks and Russians ended up crashing the semifinal party.

France didn't even make it out of the group stage, and the Spanish made it to the semis by defeating Italy 4-2 on penalty kicks yesterday after 120 minutes of scoreless catenaccio, saving the world from a Germany-Italy final which would be suited more to the European paint-drying championship. As it stands now, I'm pulling for Turkey and Spain, but the most likely final is Germany and Spain, or "Germany and someone else" as I said two weeks ago.

In sadder news, our world is a lot less funny today,
and here's my seven word eulogy.

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