Friday, May 23, 2008

Me gusta cafe con leche!

One thing the Spanish and French definitely have on the English is the ability to make a decent cup of coffee. French coffee is pretty good, but the coffee in Barcelona rules! This is my second full day here, and there are real cafes (not McStarbucks) every couple of blocks where you can get a cup of strong coffee with steamed milk (cafe con leche) for 1 Euro or less.

And most internet cafes are actually cafes, so you can have your cup of cafe con leche and one hour on the internet for €2. I´m not usually one for drinking coffee in the middle of the afternoon, but I´m going to try to drink as much coffee as I can while I´m in Barcelona.

I rented a bike today and rode down the shore to the 1992 Olympic village here in Barcelona. It costs a lot for a city to hold an Olympic games and usually doesn´t do much for the city, and in Barcelona they built a whole area for the athletes that was turned into a beach and marina after the games. Essentially they did a bunch of urban renewal that was funded by the IOC, which is something I can definitely get behind.

I have one more day here before heading to London on Sunday then back home on Monday to end my quick one week vacation. I´ve only missed two days of blogging, and don´t see myself missing many more as long as I keep finding internet cafes with nice strong cafe con leche!

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