Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Language of London

For my first night in London, I went to see School of Language at the Luminaire on Kilburn High Road. One good thing about shows in London is that they're set up for people to take the tube, so most of the shows wrap start early and wrap up before midnight. Ideal for old folks and jet-lagged travelers, especially old travelers. I'd never been to Kilburn High Road before (mostly know it from Ian Dury's pre-Blockheads band Kilburn and the High Roads), but it's a pretty interesting part of Northwest London. The Luminaire used to be the Mean Fiddler, and is a nice venue.

School of Language is the current project of David Brewis (formerly of Field Music) , and I'd already seen them back in March at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, but this show at the Luminaire was billed as "Field Music presents School of Language and The Week That Was" (TWTW is David's brother Peter Brewis's new band), so this was both halves of Field Music on the same bill. And David played drums The Week That Was and Peter played bass for School of Language so it was like different permutations of the same musicians. I think they retired the name Field Music rather than the band itself. The Week That Was essentially was Field Music!

With all that Field Music vibes going on, they still didn't play any Field songs, and SoL played the same set they played in SF, but it was a nice night out, and it wrapped up by 10:30, so I was able to take the tube back to my place and get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Yay London live music!

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2fs said...

Despite having read about the act several times, I still have trouble remembering the name "The Week That Was." I'm not entirely sure why they've "retired" the name Field Music (if indeed they have) - it's certainly more memorable than TWTW (although School of Language is a good name, too).