Saturday, May 10, 2008

Head Like A Hole

Side by side headlines in yesterday's SF Examiner

HRC is running for Russian PM too?  She must really want to lead the whole world! This reminded me of the little contretemps between Putin and Clinton a few months ago (back when Hillary was the Democratic frontrunner) when she said Vladamir Putin "had no soul" because he was a former KGB agent.  When Putin was asked about the comment, he replied "At a minimum, a head of state should have a head".

Snaap!  Maybe the U.S. voters could set up some kind of a trade with the Russians?  Hillary Clinton straight up for Vladamir Putin.  Maybe even GWB as a politician to be named later?  

The most disturbing part of Hillary Clinton still claiming to "have a shot" at the Democratic nomination was this quote she made while campaigning in West Virginia "I still think it's early..I remember very well what happened in the California primary in 1968, after Senator Robert Kennedy won that primary".

Using RFK in 1968 as a precedent for your path to the nomination is a sure sign that you need to give up, and just go away!

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