Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finally missed a day!

After six and a half months of daily postings, I finally missed a day yesterday. I made it from London to France, but was not able to log on until today. France is one hour ahead of the UK, and nine hours ahead of the US West Coast, so I could have technically posted early this morning without "missing a day", but didn't think about that until it was too late.

I have never visited France (besides Paris) before, and the rural part of the country is absolutely gorgeous. The people are really nice as well, always trying to engage me in conversation, even though my French begins and ends with "bon jour" and "sil vous plait", so I don't have a clue what they're talking about!

Driving is fairly easy too. They drive on the right (correct) side of the road and there's almost no traffic, even in the big cities. Plus they have free wi-fi at all McDonalds, even without purchasing "Le Grand Mac"!


Janet ID said...

Congratulations! That was really quite a posting streak, Steve. I couldn't halfway keep up with it (and I'm only reading!). Enjoy your travels!

flasshe said...

I don't think I could've kept up my streak if it wasn't for our competition - you pushed me! I'm going to miss our little contest, but I'm glad I can now take a breather!

PCarino said...

Did you have the French Fries at McD's? I swear they are better in France--they use a different kind of oil.

Steve said...

I'vei never ordered anything from mc d's in France. Just the free wifi. I'm writing this on my iPod from a Mcd's at Lyon airport