Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand

If today's Pennsylvania primary has taught me anything (I've been trying not to pay attention, but the six week lead time after the last primary has made it tough), it's that baby boomers consider anyone younger than them to be "young". When I was 30, young was "under 30". Then a few years later it was "under 35". Then it was "under 40", and now it's "under 45". My generation be "young" until all the baby boomers die and we're the oldest people on the planet.

In this primary, it seems like us "younger voters" under 45 were the ones for Barack and the "older voters" were the ones for Clinton. So Pennsylvania (a state full of old white people) is a state tailor-made for Hillary. Even though she won the popular vote by 9 or 10 points (55-45 at last count), she only picked up a net gain of six delegates out of the 140 or so that she needs for the nomination.

So in the end, all this Pennsylvania hoopla was much ado about nothing and Hillary is still toast. But it still makes me proud to have Bill Clinton write me off as wide-eyed and underinformed "young voters". Does this mean I can still eat Cocoa Puffs for breakfast?

That's right grandad! We're in our early 40s, and we've got something to say. And that's "don't trust anyone over 50 -- especially Clinton and McCain"!

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2fs said...

Well, I think it's quite sensible: I define "middle-aged" as "anyone older than I am." Rog, Sharps: I'm looking at you.