Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, back from the dead

Last week on a music mailing list that I'm on, someone posted this year's Bumbershoot lineup which includes the reunited Stone Temple Pilots.

This news prompted one listmember to respond with
"Oooh, Stone Temple Pilots! How could I pass that up?". And someone else to agree "I hear ya. An oozing syphlitic sore. How could I pass that up?"

I think both authors were being sarcastic. I won't get into the total lameness of sarcasm in written form (basically, it doesn't work!) but I really don't understand the universal disdain for Stone Temple Pilots. They weren't that original or groundbreaking, but there were tons of bands from that era that sucked a lot harder than STP did. And some of their songs (like this one) are downright power-poppy.

The first time I heard this song ("Days Of The Week"), I thought it was from some cool 21st century buzz-band like the Strokes. Nope, turns out it was Stone Temple Pilots. As in elegant bachelors, foxy to me, etc.. I don't care. "Days Of The Week" still rocks. Look me in the eye and explain to me why that song doesn't rock!

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2fs said...

That song's not bad, but that's part of the problem: the band never seemed to have a style of its own but chased after any number of different trends. Most notable, of course, was the sub-Pearl Jam pop-grunge that gave them their biggest hits...but I remember hearing something an album or two later that was vaguely psychedelic-sounding: I kinda liked it, since I like that sort of thing, but it never quite took.

And of course for me that grunge crap never worked. There's the stupid name, also; plus boneheaded lyrics about "when the dogs begin to smell her" or whatever that line was; Weiland's vowel-wrestling vocal style when he was imitating Vedder; and the whole junkie-chic thing (which somehow seemed present even before I knew that hey, Weiland was sincere about the junkie thing), etc.

In other words, they might have produced a few good songs - the one you YouTubed is one - but on the whole, I'd have to say they still suck.