Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kiss Me Kate

No time for a full post today, but Kate Pierson of the B-52s(*) is 60 years old today!
Happy Birthday Kate! You'd be old enough to be someone's grandma (if "your people" were allowed to have grandkids).

The new B-52s(*) album is pretty good, and silences people who thought that Imperial Teen were too old to play that kind of music last year. The B-52s(*) are now a whole generation (and a year) older than Imperial Teen were last year, and they're still playing that kind of music!

(*) - The correct name for the band has long been "The B-52's," but in 2008 they dropped the apostrophe, with their official website, and Funplex album and single covers reading "The B-52s." However, the file tags on the digital releases of both of these retain the apostrophe. Both spellings can now be considered correct, even though it wrecks havoc on digital libraries everywhere!


2fs said...

Wait - who thought Imperial Teen were too old? What a silly notion - and they're not that old anyway. (I mean, yeah "Teen" is in their name...but Sonic Youth aren't exactly that any more either.)

Also: I realize you're not saying this, but of course Imperial Teen and the B-52's don't play all that similar music anyway.

Finally: Of course the apostrophe shouldn't be in the B-52's' name (see why?)...but it's been there so long, changing it now seems awkward.

Kinda like if the dB's were suddenly "the dBs": just wouldn't work, no matter how much you might want to say, in other contexts, that plurals of abbreviations do not require apostrophes.

Assuming, of course, you're the kind of person who'd want to say that in the first place.

Steve said...

Pitchfork's review of The Hair, The TV, etc. mentioned something about how Imperial Teen was the "most ironic" band name ever, and mentioned their "B-52s-redolent formula".

I don't want to link to the article, but that's the answer to "who thought Imperial Teen were too old"?