Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Enablin' A's

Both Oakland A's pitchers that I've posted about here over the last two weeks (Rich Harden and Justin Duchscherer) were put on the 15-day DL this week, leaving two holes in the starting rotation. Out of fears that my words are causing these guys to go on the shelf, I'm not going to write about anymore starting pitchers for awhile. It's just Joe Blanton and a bunch of no names anyway.

A bunch of no names who are apparently getting the job done. In the post-game show before the 8-game road trip to Toronto and Cleveland, Bob Geren said their goal was to get a split. They probably need to revise their expectations now that they've won the first four in a row. The first two games against the Blue Jays were won by Fernando Hernandez and Joey Devine, two rookies that I'd never heard of before they entered the game. And they've been scoring seven runs a game with a similar lineup of unknown players.

After one week, the Oakland Athletics are 7-4, and in first place in the AL West. When you enter a baseball season with low expectations, like A's fans did, you don't know how to respond when they start winning. It's like finding a ten dollar bill in your pocket.

Across the bay, even the Giants have started winning a bit, even though they lost a wild one today. I didn't watch the game, but am intrigued by this description of Rick Ankiel's 8th inning home run. "R. Ankiel homered to catcher". "Homered to Catcher"? Is this Little League? There's no mention in the recap of Ankiel hitting a LLHR, so I think they mean "homered to center".

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