Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Emusic's Newest Hitmakers

Last week, emusic listed the "Wentworth Primary Players" in their upcoming releases for 4/3 (Wentworth Primary was the school where Mick met Keith).

Last Thursday (4/3) emusic added all 23 Rolling Stones ABKCO titles from 1963-1970. This is big news for emusic!

These 23 albums are made up of 10 compilations, 2 live albums, and just 8 "real" albums (some in US and UK versions). Most younger fans know the early Stones only by their hit singles, and there are some gems buried in the deep album cuts, but also some duds, so it lends itself to song-by-song cherry picking.

My downloads refreshed yesterday, and I've been picking cherries from the early Stones for the last couple days. Emusic's own list of Stones essentials is a pretty good guidelines, but they give pretty short shrift to a couple of my favorite Rolling Stones albums. I'll post more about those albums later.

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