Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Picking chalk

I haven't been following college basketball much this year, because my alma mater didn't even qualify for the NIT (we're playing in the inaugural CBI, for the 16 best teams that didn't make the NCAA or NIT), so for my this year's NCAA tournament bracket, I'm picking all the top-seeded teams in each region (North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis, and UCLA) to the final four.

This is what gamblers call "picking chalk". I picked some early round upsets, but my elite eight is all the #1 and #2 seeds, and my final four is all the #1 seeds. My bracket last year ended up worse than picking chalk, so this year I decided to go with the favorites across the board.

Here are my tournament picks for this year.
Final Four: North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis, UCLA
Finals: North Carolina, UCLA
Champion: UCLA

First Round Upsets: Arkansas over Indiana, Davidson over Gonzaga, St. Joe's over Oklahoma, St. Mary's over Miami, Kent St. over UNLV

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